Machine Track

CNC Sliding, CNC Lathe, CNC Milling, Four Axis, Double Base CNC Milling, Transfer Bench, Index Automat, Thread Rolling, Saw, Eccentric Press, Hydraulic Press, Induction, Welding, Length Finishing, Universal Lathe, Universal Milling.

Production is made with over 65 machines in total.

Our Activity Areas

Production is carried out in shifts with a dynamic team structure with more than 10 white collar and more than 50 blue collar employees.

  • Vehicle Seat Systems
  • Elevator Systems
  • Automotive Sub-Industry
  • Automotive Main Industry
  • Machine Manufacturing
  • Armature and Valve Parts
  • After Market Parts
  • Hydraulic Pneumatic Systems
  • Air Suspension Systems
  • Agricultural Machinery Parts
  • Furniture Accessories